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 Bungee Rocket

This activity is in the area of the Big Mac. You are strapped into your area. Music is playing and the lights are flashing.  Then off you go and before you know it, shaking all over you are back where you started alive and wondering what all the fuss was about.

The ride costs only 8.00 Cyprus pounds with a video of the ride! 


Bungee Down under

This trip is well over 200ft with many of the better bungee's in the world. The team is the longest well-known in Ayia Napa and have a great safety record to date! 

The choice is yours. The cost is around 30.00 but willing to do it without clothes you get a free ride!

You can find them on the left hand side of Nissi beach .


Pure Bungee

They are to be found on the right hand side of Sandy Bay next to Nissi beach. No doubt there are many people who look up wondering whether or not the crazy who is about to throw themselves off from over 200ft up. If they hit the ground - you can bet they will be! Luckily to date everyone who has chosen this way of testing the water of the Mediterranean has lived to tell the story.

Prices are around that charged by their competitors if you are that way of a mind and feel the advise maybe you should compare for yourself which one is the best

Sling Shot.

.This activity can be described as a Bungee in reverse without the bungee's..

The costs are reasonable. Like all major activities there is the added attraction of T-shirts, Video and Photo's available to all participants.


  Sky coaster


This ride is a piece of old cheap when compared to bungee. Having said that it is not without its high points. If you like the thought of swinging through the air on an elaborately constructed rope swing - up to three people at a time reaching speeds of up to 70mph


  The Wicked Sports Company

These activities are for those of you who like to keep their feet on the grouns but would still like to have a go at something, which presents itself as a challenge.

Good hunting


Water Parks in Cyprus


bulletWaterworld water park - Agai Napa
bulletFun Water - Proteras
bulletFassouri Water Park - Limassol

Wet n Wild Aphrodite Waterpark - Pafos.


What to Do in Cyprus

bulletBoat Charter
bulletBody Surfing
bulletBungee Jumping ( over 200 ft)
bulletBungee Rocket(extension of bungee 2 seater sphere)
bullet Clubbing
bulletCyprus Rally
bulletDay Trips(boat)
bulletFishing(deep sea)
bulletFlying Light Aircraft
bulletFree Fall Parachuting
bulletFresh Water fishing
bulletGuided Tours
bulletHill Walking
bulletHistorical Sites and Tours
bullet Horse Riding


bulletNature trails
bulletPaintball Arena
bulletPara Gliding
bulletQuad Biking
bulletRally Karting
bulletRock climbing
bulletSky Coaster (swing 100ft up reaching speeds of up 70mph)
bulletSling shot (a reverse bungee without the bungee's!!, you are catapulted up to100mtrs in under 2 secs hitting about 6G's!!! )
bulletSpace Bowling
bulletSpeedboat Hire
bulletTen Pin Bowling
bulletTheme Parks
bulletVehicle & Foot Safaris
bulletVillage Tours Water Skiing
bulletWind Surfing.



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