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Home Problems

 Problem 1

Theme: As a teenager I should have a lot of freedom, but I havenít got enough.

Iím 14 years old . As a teenager I think I should have a lot of freedom. I want to go everywhere I want with my friends but my parents do not understand me. e.g. going  to clubs. How can I change their mind and let me go out?

You have to talk to your parents and tell them all the teenagers, like you, go out and have fun. Tell them to have faith in you. You have to win there trust and show them how responsible person you are.


 Problem 2

Theme: My marks are too low and I donít know what to do

Iím not a good student and my marks are too low. When someone asks me how my report is, I become too shy because all of them have high marks. Sometimes Iím jealous. I don't know what to do. Iím doing my best to get better marks but I can't make it.

You have to continue trying and  if you donít understand something ask the teacher. You donít have to be shy because you do your best and it's not your fault.

Problem 3

Theme:  My stepfather hits me.

I donít now what to do. Last month my mother married a man who I donít like and he came to stay with us this week. Yesterday he was mad, I donít now why, and he was screaming all the time. I told him to stop and he started hitting me. It really hurts. What should I do?

This problem is a very serious problem. You have to tell  your mother to stop him. If she is not going to do anything and your stepfather hits you again you have to go to the police and tell them. Remember you have the right.

Problem 4

Theme: Are my friends a bad influence on me?

This is my first year in high school. I made new friends in school. They are very different than me but I like very much to be their friend. They speak different, wear fashionable and extreme clothes, they are  all smoking etc. Other friends of mine (that I knew from before) tell me that I have changed a lot, but I donít feel like it. I started smoking and the last days Iím having problems with my parents. I personally feel better than any time of my life and I donít have any problem with my self. Why are my old friends worrying about me? Have I changed? Am I in the bad way? Can you help me, please? 

Feeling nice with yourself is very good but not with that way. If you want to be their friend it doesnít means that you have to start smoking. You must realize that, otherwise you are never going to stop getting in troubles. You are you and what you are a unique person! Remember your life before you met them. Was it the same? Itís your choice. Think about it, and think about what your friends advised you. You have known them for years. I donít believe that they would ever want to heart you. They are just worrying about you because they want you to be happy. you are the one who's going to choose the right way.

        Problem 5

Theme: I'm smoking

I'm smoking from the age of twelve and I want to stop but I canít. Iím addicted. All my friends are smoking. I told them that I want to stop smoking but they donít let me. I canít talk to my parents because they  donít know that Iím smoking and if I tell them they are going to get mad with me.

I think that you have to speak with your parents and ask them to understand you. You and your parents must see a good psychology. He will give you answers at you problems. He might give you an advise on how to stop smoking and maybe he'll help your friends too.

            Problem 6

Theme: My brother always fights with me

If your brother fights with you then you must tell your mother to talk with him. Tell him that a brother mustnít fight with his sister and they must love each other. You can talk and have fun together. you can also share your problems. If you do that I think you donít fight anymore.

                 Problem 7

Theme: Many off my marks arenít very good and my parents shout to me.

You must study more to take better marks so your parents donít shout to you. School is very important for your life and if you won't be able to find a good job later. 

                 Problem 8

Theme: Iím using drugs and I want someone to help me

Ií m 15 years old and I have a terrible problem. I have been using drugs from the age of 13 and I want to stop it. The first time I ďtriedĒ drugs was 2 years ago with my friends at school break. Until now, Ií m still using drugs but I want to stop. Itís difficult for me to stop because many of my ďfriendsĒ are threatening me. Iím so afraid. Can you help me?

Itís a difficult decision. If I were you, I would be very afraid. But I think you should talk to your parents and ask their opinion. I think that you should also talk to psychologist. He'll help you.


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