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Afelia - pork cooked in red wine and crushed coriander seeds
Arni - lamb
Flaounes - Cypriot Easter cakes made with cheese and spices glyko - preserved fruits in syrup
Halloumi - firm goats or ewes milk cheese, often served grilled

Hirino - pork
Hiromeri - marinated, smoked and pressed ham
Keftedes - meat balls
Kleftiko ofto - lamb or goat wrapped in foil with herbs and baked in a sealed oven
Kotopoullo - chicken
Koupepia or dolmades - stuffed vine leaves
Loukoumades - doughnuts in syrup
Loukanika - Cyprus sausages
Lountza - smoked and marinated loin of pork
Resi - wheat and lamb pilaf, served at weddings


Sheftalia - minced pork and herb rissole
Souvla - large chunks of lamb cooked on a spit
Souvlakia - kebabs


Stifado - rich beef and onion stew


There are a lot of places to eat out in Cyprus. Nicosia and the other cities of  Cyprous are full of Fast Food restaurants such as Goodies, McDonalds, KFC, and Everest. When you come to Cyprus donít forget to try the Cyprus Meze (Mezedes or Mezedakia).




When you order Meze in a restaurant, you are served a collection of appetizers and savouries in up to 20 saucerlike dishes. For example various cheeses, like halloumi, kaskavalli or feta, tomatoes, olives, celery, sliced artichokes or smoked ham, houmous (ground chick peas, with olive oil and garlic), octopus (or squid), shrimps, fresh fish, such as barbouni (the delicious red mullet), cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, seftalia (homemade sausage), Koupepia (stuffed vine leaves).


Some Advice


Some friendly advice! The rule is "eat a little of each" otherwise youíll find halfway through your meal that you just canít go on to taste what follows!



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