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The best café to go at 7-8 o’clock is Caprice. Caprice is a café where teens hang out. You can go there with your casual clothes, it’s not an expensive café.

   Another café-restaurant where adults and teens can go is “Septembers” At "September"  people have a coffee and  if they like it  they order something from oasis. "Oasis" is not cheap but it’s not expensive either. "Septembers" is at Stasikratus avenue opposite of Replay.

  Woolworth has a café-restaurant as well and Marks & Spenser too called “café la mode”. 

Also there is Mondo café which is opposite of Marks & Spenser   in Makariou. Avenue has a Japanese restaurant, a café-restaurant, a pizza place and a club as well. It’s a very nice place for all age’s people. It’s not very cheap but you will spend your time very nice.

 If you want something cheap to eat when you are downtown you can go to McDonald’s where you can order Greek-Mac. This is not served to all McDonald’s only to Greece and to Cyprus.



A good place for shopping is Makariou Avenue, Stasikratous Avenue and Lidras Street. Shops are open at 9:30 am until 3 pm

  Makariou Avenue: you can find cheap shops like Zara Bershka, Strativarious, Benetton, Pull&Bear, Levis, Playlife, Miss Sixty, Nike and many others. You can also find Hondos Center where girls can find perfumes, clothes, make up and all that girl stuff.

  There are 4 shopping malls downtown:


       Capital center –where caprice is and some shops.


       City plaza which there are many cheap shops , a café-restaurant and an internet cafe.


Avenue (Debenhams) which has very expensive shops like CK, Playlife, Oasis, D.G and     many other, there you can find a   cd shop and a café


Woolworth, which has many shops, café. It also has a supermarket

  Stasikratous Avenue: All the expensive shops are there like “Replay”, “Fendi” ,“DG etc. You won't  find teens shopping there. In Stasikratous   only adults usually go and older people for shopping.

  Lidras street:  Is a road that cars are not allowed and there are only cheap shops.   

Clubs:  there any many clubs to go in Nicosia like:

Gate, Zoo, Sfinakia, Cabrio club: which are for adults, and you must dress formal

Vivendi, Traffic, and Velvet: Are the clubs that teenagers go. Clubs open at 11:30 pm and they close at 4 a.m. every night.

    People don’t like Vivendi club that much because there is a lot of teens and it’s full of people. At Traffic is better because there is more space to dance and there aren’t only teens that go there.

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